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It became brighter in the food market of Jugorsk city

LED screens have been already installed in many cities of not only Russia but also Tumen region (ATV Outdoor Systems installed video LED screens in cities Raduzhny and Surgut before) but the first one in Jugorsk city was installed only in October. Jugorsk city preferred for its first LED screen not big size 3.65 x 2.74 but very good pixel pitch 19 mm and so nice resolution.

The LED screen was comfortably placed on the roof of an entrance to city food market which is located at the crossing of Zheleznodorozhnaya st. and 40 let Pobedy st. Finally the new installation looks very beautiful and harmonious. Basically, thats the way the specialists of ATV Outdoor Systems do their job every time.

LED screen parameters:
  • Pixel pitch - 19 mm
  • LED screen resolution 192 x 144 pixels (physical resolution)
  • Image area dimensions 3.65 x 2.74 meters
Full-color outdoor video LED screen at the entry of the food market of Jugorsk city
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