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Manufacturer of full-color LED screens, LED displays and LED signs    

Modern full-color video LED signs

Full-color LED video sign Full-color LED video sign in Ufa (Russia)
LED video signs of "ATV Outdoor Systems"
(Pixel pitch 22 mm, Sign size 4.75x1.58 m, Sign resolution 216x72 pixels)
Full color LED video sign Full color LED video sign
Full-color LED video sign
Casino "Jazz Town", Moscow, Taganskaya Square
(Pixel pitch 22 mm, Sign size 4.4x3.34 m, Sign resolution 200x152 pixels)

Full-color video LED signs allow companies, banks, casinos and concert halls to colorfully and dynamically present their image, bring to the clients latest information about their goods and services.

Using the controlling computer, the information on the sign can change almost right away. Also, the banners that are installed on different buildings of the bank or a company may be connected into the network and have a unified control center.

The dignity of the full-color video LED signs:
  • Has high quality and dynamic image
  • Not a high price comparing to the large outdoor screens
  • Video screens can have any form and configuration
  • Easiness and quickness of running your advertising campaign
  • Possibility of presenting the information fast
  • Easiness of installment and re-installment
  • High resolution
  • Any sizes and resolution
  • Possibility of targeting the specific audience

The same as the large video LED screens video LED signs are assembled from the LED modules, that is why the sizes, resolution and the forms can be vary.

For the replacement of the information designer needs only to prepare new video clips and download them into the controlling computer- there is no need to prepare new constructions, to install them and to renew them every time.

Your personal advertisement - on your own LED screen!

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