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Manufacturer of full-color LED screens, LED displays and LED signs    

Overview of full-color LED screens

Full color LED screen in Moscow with high physical resolution - 400 x 304 pixels Full color LED screen in Moscow with high physical resolution - 400 x 304 pixels
Full color LED screen in Moscow with high physical resolution - 400 x 304 pixels

With the appearance on the market of extra bright diodes, full-color LED screens almost fully substituted their predecessors - lamp screens, due to their reliability, quality of image, high resolution and low energy consumption.

Apart from dynamic advertisement, LED screens are used for broadcasting live events, street shows and city celebrations. LED screens connected into network are controlled by the central computer that transfers information and broadcasting schedule to the control computer on each screen.

SMD diodes, new product on the market, (3 diodes in one case) allow to construct small video SMD screens with high resolution for the indoor use. Typical applications are concert and sport halls, television studios, conference and convention centers, airports and train terminals.

Major advantages of LED screens:
  • Dynamic full color video advertisement of high quality
  • Possibility of live video broadcast
  • High quality and high resolution of screens (up to 1280x960 pixels)
  • Modular construction of screens
  • Extra bright LEDs
  • High brightness and contrast of displayed image
  • High reliability and durability
  • Possibility to increase screen size at a later stage
  • Possibility to link screens into network and control them from unified center
Classification of the LED video screens:
  • Outdoor - installed on open air
  • Indoor/ Semi-indoor - installed inside buildings or under roof in open spaces
  • Stationary - installed permanently on one specific spot
  • Mobile - installed on the movable platform or truck that has easy mounting mechanism
Applications of LED screens:
  • Outdoor dynamic advertisement
  • Crowded areas, concert halls, holiday resorts
  • Presentations
  • Exhibitions
  • Meetings
  • Train stations, airports
  • Metro stations
  • Sport arenas and halls
  • Congested city streets and squares
  • TV studios
  • Modern dynamic video signs and banners
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