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Large format full color LED video screen in Kaliningrad

In July a new large format full color LED video screen was installed in Kaliningrad. The LED screen has an unusual length-hight dimention ratio 7,74 4,22 m which in fact corresponds to a well-known TV standard 16:9 and it is very similar to the existing 36 m billboard ratio.

This LED screen can be used both for translation of advertising videoclips, including social video and translation of "alive video" during various advertising and city actions. The screens physical pixel pitch is 22 mm that provides good resolution and image quality. Besides, this screen supports virtual pixel technology as all videoscreens manufactured by ATV Outdoor Systems that allows to improve image quality.

It is installed in the very busy place of the city on the Bagration and Leninsky crossroads. The screen is one more new interesting decision in the field of outdoor advertising. In our news we already wrote about one interesting decision in Kaliningrad- these are two videoscreens which have one support and a form of book that gives an opportunity to capture a target audience as much as possible. So we can say that Kaliningrad is the range for new decisions in the field of outdoor videoscreen advertising.

LED screen parameters:
  • Pixel pitch - 22 mm
  • LED screen resolution 352 x 192 pixels (physical resolution)
  • Image area dimensions 7.74 x 4.22 meters
Large format full color LED video screen in Kaliningrad
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